Strange Numpad behaviour on VNC

Yet another problem.

i watend to access my debian system via VNC –  so far so good.
The only Problem war: Why the f*** does the numpad not work as intended.

If i press 4 it deletes the first char and then writes a 4
if i press 7 it deletes the whole line and writes 7

so after googeling, it seems like, this is a known bug
(sorry i’m unable to find the reference here)

After some more googeling i found a nice solution: Using xmodmap

The Program should already be present on your system, if you have installed a default X11 environment.

Create a file e.g. in /usr/local/share/fix_numpad

add the following lines

! initialization, 
! Ensure that we have all keysyms we're going to use assigned to something. 

keycode any = KP_Insert 
keycode any = KP_End 
keycode any = KP_Down 
keycode any = KP_Next 
keycode any = KP_Left 
keycode any = KP_Begin 
keycode any = KP_Right 
keycode any = KP_Home 
keycode any = KP_Up 
keycode any = KP_Prior 
keycode any = KP_Delete 

! Set the keypad to numeric mode. 
! You may need to adjust KP_Next/KP_Prior; possible alternatives 
! are KP_Page_Down/KP_Page_Up or just Next/Prior. 
! just Next. 
keysym KP_Insert = KP_0 
keysym KP_End    = KP_1 
keysym KP_Down   = KP_2 
keysym KP_Next   = KP_3 
keysym KP_Left   = KP_4 
keysym KP_Begin  = KP_5 
keysym KP_Right  = KP_6 
keysym KP_Home   = KP_7 
keysym KP_Up     = KP_8 
keysym KP_Prior  = KP_9 
keysym KP_Delete = KP_Decimal 

Now all that is left, is calling the file on login or on program-start.
just execute the file like this:

xmodmap /usr/local/share/fix_numpad

That’s it.
Problem solved!

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