Mount Network-Share as System-User in Windows

Yet another Problem:
How can i mount a network-share on Windows so that the SYSTEM-User is able to access the share?
You probably will do this only for backup-purposes – I┬áthink.

After some googeling and reading about services, etc. I found a neat sollution for my problem.
Using the Sysinternal-Suite from Microsoft.

So now, download the suite and extract it somewhere – let’s say c:\tmp

Open-Up your CMD and navigate to the extracted file.

cd C:\tmp 

use the following command to execute a shell as the user SYSTEM

psexec -i -s cmd.exe

So now we can check if we are the system user with:


to connect a network-share use the following command:

net use Z: \\servername_OR_IP\sharedfolder /u:username  /persistent:yes

This will then ask you to give a password for the username.
The “persistent:yes” will remount the network-share after a reboot. It will be mapped to the drive-Letter Z

To remove the network-share under Z, type

net use Z: /delete

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